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As we all Know most appliances don’t last forever.. So when you feel they have turned to junk or you just want to upgrade and need to just have them gone.. give us a call we make the process easy from lifting and loading and donating if we can!
We can remove all of your old appliances from where ever they sit in your house or garage, They must be disconnected and unplugged pior to our arrival.. We work hard to try to donate what we can and can provide you a tax receipt IF and when we are able to donate.

Piano removal
Looking to get rid of an old piano? You may have inherited it or just stopped using it and now it’s taking up space. Pianos are bulky and heavy and usually take a great group of guys to remove. There are different types of pianos which require different techniques to remove. Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company offers a piano removal service, in most cases we are able to do it in all in one piece.

Pool Table Removal
That old pool table can eventually become an eye sore or occupy space in your home. If it’s not in use anymore or it’s damaged you can count on Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company to dispose of it. Need that old pool table removed and hauled away but not sure where to begin? You can rest assured that our team of men will get the pool table out without damaging or causing any harm to your home. The removal of your pool table can be as easy as pointing to it and watching our men walk away with it. If the pool table is able to be donated we will donate it to a local charity.

Carpet Pickup And Removal

Whether your carpet is worn out and being replaced, or remodeling and putting in hardwood flooring, you may be confused on what to do with your old carpet. You are ready to achieve that great new look that you have in store for your home, but you can’t lay down new carpet or flooring without removing the old carpet first. Whether you are in the middle of renovation or just replacing the carpet in one room, carpet removal is a big part of the stress factor. Our carpet removal services include removing old carpet and padding and hauling it out.



Is your home or office filled with old unused electrical appliances and utility machines? E-Waste is around us everywhere, we all seem to replace or upgrade electronics to stay up to date, which leaves us with old unused items. Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company offers a E-Waste service which we pick up and recycle your electronics for a small fee. Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company will come and collect and load all items and dispose, recycle or donate to the proper facilities. Items we will remove under E-Waste

  • Computers
  • Televisions
  • Scanners
  • Printer
  • Monitors
  • Copiers
  • Commercial printers
  • Laptops