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Kelly Gaitten –Waterford, VA

“I have a big THANK YOU to my new friends at Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company junk removal. I called yesterday with help on one of our big estates – after the estate sale. They showed up at 8 with a crew and two HUGE trucks and they GOT it done!! You guys ROCK.”

M.B. – McLean, VA

“We purchased a home this past weekend – closed on Friday. By Saturday we realized that the home was full of the former owner’s stuff. We spent that day cleaning it out. By Sunday, we realized we had a lot of trash to haul. We called three different trash removal companies on a Sunday. I had to try to get a service to remove the trash the next morning, as we were flying out of town on Monday afternoon.

Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid Of It company called us back on SUNDAY and made an appointment for Monday at 8am. They totally accommodated us.

They were 10 minutes early. Lee and Carlos were very pleasant. They explained the price structure, we agreed, and they went to work. Within 2 hours, they filled the truck – removing both the piles we made and a couple of sheds’ worth of junk. We were totally satisfied. Well worth the reasonable cost. We plan to use them again..”

Crys R. – Cheltenham, MD

“I have used Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company on two occasions; the first was two years ago when I had some demo work and junk hauling to be done, and the second when I was in the midst of remodeling work and had a lot of scrap to take.

Both times, I contacted them via their website and received a response within a couple of hours. Both times, they had a crew out within a couple of days. And both times, they hauled everything I needed away quickly. And they did it for less than half the cost of some larger national junk removers.

Are they a little rough around the edges? Sure, but they’re not going to a debutante ball. They’re nice guys and perfectly adept at what they do. That’s my only concern, and I will continue to utilize them and recommend them to others.”

Alexander H. – Washington DC

“Just finished with Jason and his crew. Despite a two hour window, they arrived exactly on time and immediately went to work hauling away items from a recent renovation.

Though I was initially concerned about the price being different from the estimate (after both reading Rick G’s review, and having the same thing happen to me with another DC outfit), Jason didn’t try to go beyond the $75 estimate.

Instead, as advertised: quick, courteous and painless..”


Lenin Rivera. – Silver Spring MD

“These guys are the BEST!!!!! I called around for several quotes and not only were they by far the cheapest they were the only company that could provide service the very next morning. I will most definitely use this company again and refer them to as many people as possible. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job at picking up all my junk!.”

Mike A. – Washington DC

“They guys are great. I almost want to have more stuff destroyed so we can use you again.”

Shayla M. – Washington DC

“Called them on Friday and they came on Sunday. The team was timely and very professional. We are getting ready to remodel our home and needed to get rid of quite a few things (some ours, some from previous occupants). The team took out lots of random stuff as well as some very heavy furniture that was falling apart all over the place. I am so glad I called them. The price was right and service was awesome. I am sure I will be utilizing them for all of my hauling needs. They also donate stuff too which is a good thing.”

Barbara. – Potomac MD

“I needed some furniture removed and found Get Rid of It. I spoke with Mike to schedule the appointment which they gave me very quickly. They were amazing. The men were very careful with my home and were quite efficient and came exactly on time. They called before they came, and the price was at least half of everyone else I called. I highly recommend them.”

Lori F. – Springfield, VA

“Called last minute on a Friday and they were able to accomodate my schedule and came over within a couple of hours. The man and woman worked so fast and had all of my junk loaded up and out of there in no time…polite too. It was an overall great experience and I would highly recommend Mike and his crew any day of the week!!.”

Warren B. – Alexandria, VA

“Sometimes, you just can’t wait to write a review!! First of all, on Tuesday, October 29th, I contacted four junk removal companies online for a quote to have some items removed from my father’s house; Cool Cuts Landscaping, DC Top Choice Movers, Junk Guys DC and GROI. Within 30 minutes after I sent the email, I got a response back from GROI asking me to call Mike Barnes for a quote. (I actually waited 2 days to see if any of the other companies would respond but none did). I had emailed pictures of the items to be removed as well as a detailed description. (I do not live on the property where the items were located so an onsite estimate prior to the job wasn’t really feasible.) Mike said he did not get the pictures and then he gave me his personal cell phone number so I could text him the photos. He called me back immediately and said I was probably looking at a 3/4 or full truck load and quoted me an estimate of $350 – $450. I booked the appointment for Saturday, November 2nd, the 10am – 12pm window. I then inquired about paying with a credi card and he initially said they only took cash or a check. When I explained to him this was going on my sister’s credit card (she lives in NC) he said a credit card would be no problem. He said the driver would call me 30 minutes before arrival. Although the driver did not actually call beforehand, they arrived at about 11:35am with two haulers. I showed them where the items were located and what was and what was not to be included. Well, somehow it was not fully communicated to the driver that my job might require a full truck so he actually arrived with some items already on the truck from a previous job. He immediately assessed the situation and contacted headquarters and ordered an additional truck which showed up about 40 minutes later. (I did, at this point, confirm that I was paying for one truck and not two and he said that was the case that he just didn’t have enough room on the first truck.) These guys, now a team of four, were beyond professional in carrying out their duties. I had planted myself in a chair in the kitchen and was able to watch the entire operation from start to finish. They were thorough, prompt and worked entirely as a team and they finished the job in about an hour and fifteen minutes. I was then asked to assess their work to see if anything was left and I was amazed that they got absolutely everything. However, the thing I was most impressed about their operation was that they even treated trash with respect – they carried junk out to the truck as if it were my mother’s fine china! I cannot recommend GROI enough and would not hesitate to use their services again in the future. Thanks, Mike and your GROI Team!”
Thank you Warren! We sincerely appreciate the time you took to go out of your way and write such a nice review. Satisfied customers are our priority and it was great doing business with you!

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