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Our trucks are 16ft 8x6ft width and height. All trucks are NOT created equal. Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company has some of the largest trucks in the junk removal industry! This means that we’re able to make fewer trips to your home or business. You won’t have to wait around all day for the crew to complete your job.

Remember to use an “apples to apples” comparison when searching for a reliable junk hauling service. For example, our trucks hold more volume than a 20our-trucks yard commercial dumpster.


We often use a sofa analogy to describe the dimensions of our truck beds. As a rule of thumb, one fully loaded truck can hold the equivalent of approximately 10 standard (3-cushion style) living room sofas. And remember, our trucks are open bed, which gives us some wiggle room with how much “junk” we can safely fit into the the truck bed.

At 560 cubic feet, there are few companies that can compare to us in terms of volume capacity. So make the right move today and call Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company. You’ll be glad you did!

To learn more about our trucks click here or call 202-875-8196.