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How to Get Rid of Hot Tubs in Louisville
How to Get Rid of Hot Tubs in Louisville

Sometimes it can be hard to let things go. But in our experience, when it comes to hot tub removal, generally our customers seem pretty happy to have it finally off their property and hands. It may be that the hot tub came with your house and it just isn’t your thing. It may be that it’s a thing of the past and not something you use often enough to make sense of keeping. It may be that the cost of the repairs is more than the hot tub is worth so you’d rather just buy a new one. Whatever the case, we’re happy to let you know how to get rid of hot tubs in Louisville.

The process of how to get rid of hot tubs in Louisville

It’s actually a fairly simple process when hiring Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. First give us a call at 502-500-1012 and let us know your situation. Over the years we’ve dealt with everything when it comes to hot tub removal so we dare you to present us with a harder challenge! But once you’ve explained your end and we’ve explained ours we will make an appointment to come out and give you a firm, free and no obligation estimate. Pricing on hot tub removal varies. If the offer is accepted then we’ll schedule a work date. Prior to our arrival your only obligation is to unplug and drain the tub. From there we can remove the tub as quickly as possible. Sometimes depending on the situation we need to cut the tub to get it out, other times we can work with it “as is.” We recycle as much of the tub as we can before disposing of the necessary parts.

We hope this gives you insight on how to get rid of hot tubs in Louisville. If you’re a DIY-er we also have this post to explain the process of removing a hot tub yourself. Be sure to check out our YouTube video on hot tub removal as well!