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Few people will argue with the fact that we have a major waste problem on our planet. The current statistics are staggering. In the United States alone:

  • We create 250 million tons of trash each year.
  • Of that number, 135 million tons of trash are placed in our landfills.
  • This results in the production – and waste – of 27 billion cubic feet of gas annually from rotting trash.

At  Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company, we are in the trash disposal business, so we’re helping to fill up the landfill at a faster rate. This is a fact. However, as one of the leaders in the junk removal industry, we feel we have an obligation to limit our impact on the environment by keeping your junk out of the landfill.


We accomplish this with our 3-step disposal process:

While at your home, we’ll sort and load your unwanted items, based on the method with which we plan to dispose of them. This extra effort at the beginning of a project goes a long way to minimize the amount of landfill waste while assuring our clients that their items may live on through our charity and recycling partners.

First Step – Charity!

Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company has nearly a dozen charity partners with whom we work on a regular basis. We know very well the specific niche for each charity and the type of items they’re willing to accept. We donate your unwanted items based on where we think they will be most needed.

Second Step – Recycling Facilities!

Removethatjunkwashingtondc – A Git Rid of It company comes across a lot of broken or outdated electronics, unusable metal pieces and other recyclable goods. These are typically items that our charity partners have little to no interest in receiving. We’ve built up a network of 3rd party disposal options, which allows us to keep things like computers and televisions from going into the landfill.

Last Step – Dispose!

Those items that don’t qualify for the first two categories will generally make it to our final stop – the dump. Lets be honest – we can’t salvage everything. Even here, most of the unusable contents we put on the dump floor make their way to Covanta Energy, where they are converted into energy through a combustion process.

To learn more about our Donate – Recycle – Dispose Process, call 202-875-8196 or fill out our web form.